Who we are

High Powered Organics is an Australian company based on the clean, picturesque Mid North Coast of NSW (part of the "Green Triangle"), we make premium 100% organic living supersoils, high quality composts, nutrients and additives designed by Australian growers, for Australian growers.

Our crew have worked in various fascets of horticulture from the Nursery industry, to commercial flower production and hydroponic farming, with a combined 80 years experience under one roof.

Our mission is to make the job of growing your own high quality medicinal plants easier & higher quality but without sacrificing yield.

We like to walk the line between old school and new school, by simultaneously utilizing the latest research to further develop our range and improve upon it, while not losing sight of the roots that modern innovation is built upon.

Consistent High Quality

All of our products are made from the highest quality ingredients, we are directly involved in the sourcing of everything we use so we can maintain a high standard and we put a big focus on keeping things as uniform as possible from batch to batch ensuring every grower who uses our products is well looked after.

High Powered Organics, over many years has built up a solid network of small scale producers with which to buy the best of the best to use in our line, we prefer small scale quality, over cheap - yet massively available ingredients often used in the Horticultural sector, while these ingredients are cheap, thats about all they have going for them!

Our aim is to bring quality you simply cannot buy or find at your local hardware, landscape supplies or nursery, to your local alternative gardening store.

We see these shops as some of the last "Mum & Dad" businesses left operating, and feel they represent our products to you the grower, far better than big box chains ever could.


All compost & casting products are produced on a rural property in a pristine, natural environment. We source the best peat possible from the most sustainable sources possible and the mixing and final product presentation is done in our new state of the art Batching and Dispatching facility also located on the rural Mid North Coast.

There are 0 (Zilch - Nada - None) Petro chemical vehicles or machinery used in our proprietry batching process. This elimates entirely the possibility of gross stuff like grease, oils, fuels, exhaust smoke making it into the batches.

Everything is either electrically powered (from green and renewable electricity), Gas Powered (for the forklifts that move our orders around), or people powered!


We are located where we are, because we believe good - clean organics, are produced in clean areas surounded by life, its very simple logic to us - the products you buy, breath clean air and drink clean rain water, when you buy a bag of our soil you can see and even smell the difference. Its a labour of love, not something mass produced.


We also have our products regularly tested to ensure all parameters are within the best range for optimal results and continually reinvest in our processes to ensure each batch is even better than the last.

Higher Yields - Higher Quality - Less Work!

Our range has been developed from the ground up with growers in mind. We work with people across multiple industries both in Australia and overseas to refine our products for the greatest results and ease of use.

We understand that livelihoods ride on what people use in their gardens and so we make sure that what you buy from us is going to give you the best results possible. Everything in our range is field tested under a large range of conditions, both favourable and less than optimal so we can be sure no matter your situation, that our products will perform well for you. We also try to make our range as user friendly as possible - you don't need to be a chemist or rocket scientist to use them, yet you will still get unreal results the envy of people with far more complicated systems.

Environmental Conciousness

High Powered Organics puts sustainability and environmental conciousness at a forefront of everything we do, being surrounded by nature, we want to make sure what we do impacts the environment as little as possible. We have endeavoured to provide innovative packaging solutions for our line that at the very least minimise plastic waste, and much of the time offer "leave no trace" solutions, such as recyclable and compostable packaging. We want our soil to last you a long time, but the bag it came in not so much!


We have designed and implemented Australias first, fully compostable and sustainable bulk packaging system for our soils and products to make it to your local store. This system has enabled us to completely eliminate Plastic wrap (biodegradable or not!) Everything, even the carton closing tape we utilise in this system is fully compostable. Over time this will save literally hundreds of Kilometres of plastic material making it into landfill. As good as biodegradable is, it ultimately means more microplastic much of the time. This system eliminates that. Contrast this with a plastic pallet, loaded with plastic bags, wrapped in plastic wrap!


Our direct orders are also sent out in fully compostable and discreet plain Bio-Packaging which is plant based! Meaning you can breathe a sigh of relief that only you know whats in the package you ordered, AND can sleep well at night knowing that the material it came in wont hang around for the next 200 years!


Even though we are only a small company, we believe these are things that are implemented as a foundation in our philosophy, building that in as we go. We want to show that it can be done, because if we can do it then so can others!

Our Philosophy

Simpler growing.

A Living Organic Garden achieves great results on a more consistent basis - even under less than ideal conditions. Without complex equipment and diagnostics. 

Organic gardens are also more resistant to pests and diseases.

Safer growing.

Our system enables gardeners to ditch the harmful chemicals and instead focus on the natural approach of providing a healthy Organic soil that in turn grows healthy - bountiful plants full of flavour, nutrition and medicine.

Sustainable growing. Our soils are reusable which results in less disposable waste.

Organic gardens have a smaller environmental footprint which means less harmful byproducts and environmental exposure to chemicals.

Support Local

Locally Sourced.

We source as many of our ingredients from Australian suppliers as possible, often in our local area to keep                                                                dollars local.

100% Australian.

High Powered Organics is a small family business and Aussie from the ground up! 


People Powered.

All our soils are mixed, bagged and packed by hand in small batches.

We pay great care and attention to detail with each and every batch                                                         we produce.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."

Luther Burbank