Calculating typical STONE-AGE requirements for your grow


For providing a good mineral base when mixing new soils, we recommend using STONE-AGE at up to 3.5% of the volume of the mix. 


For instance at a 3% application rate, to make 50L of soil you would need 1.5L of STONE-AGE 


This supplies a good base for your soil and plants.




For rejuventating soils that have been used, we recommend using STONE-AGE at up to 2.5% of the volume of the mix. 


For instance at a 2% application rate, to make 50L of soil you would need 1L of STONE-AGE 


This will supply your plants with a fresh charge of minerals and reinvigorate the soil microbes.




For use in planting holes inground, we recommend using STONE-AGE at up to 2%, incorporated into the existing soil thoroughly.


Inground, this equates to roughly an adult fistful of STONE-AGE per hole.


This will ensure there is adequate mineral supply in the soil.




For use as a Topdress we recommend applying a dusting of STONE-AGE around the dripline of each plant, followed by a thorough watering.


For small plants - 1 Teaspoon per plant will suffice


For medium plants - 1 Tablespoon per plant is recommended 


For large plants - 1 Cup per plant is recommended



For use in Aerated Compost Tea applications we recommend adding a small amount of STONE-AGE to the tea-bag, followed by approximately 24hrs of brewing (depending on the brewing system utilized).


Start with 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon - Monitor microbe populations in the final brew and adjust dosing according to your individual needs.


Dosages of STONE-AGE have been based on extensive, real world trials with growers both in Australia across a multitude of States and settings in addition to being trialled in legal states such as Oregon and California.


It is important to note that while it is difficult to apply too much STONE-AGE following the application guidelines will help you achieve optimal results in the use of this product.


STONE-AGE is slow release and unlikely to cause burning, it is recommended however to follow any application of amendments with a good watering to ensure the product is washed into the soil for access by your plants.