INTRODUCING GREEN-SUPREME plant vitality tonic


Its All-Good! Kelp & Algal extracts - Aloe Concentrate - Coconut Seed Extract

  • This organic powerhouse contains a broad and diverse range of naturally derived plant phytohormones (gibberelins, auxins, cytokines), unique enzymes and immunity boosting substances like salicylic acid. Working in unison, these compounds simultaneously boost the overall health and vigor of your plants, while also activating your plants S.A.R (systemic acquired resistance, this is basically an immunological response to a perceived threat....that never actually occurred, meaning your plants defences are on guard, ready and waiting for something, rather than being caught unaware). This results in plants that power through, time after time. Strong plants grow even stronger, sick and damaged plants are given a new lease on life! 

Enter the Matrix..

  • A two pronged approach is deployed in the Nutrient Chelation Matrix, utilising the exceptionally powerful combination of high quality, instantized Fulvic Acid concentrate, and Plant Based, enzymatically extracted, full spectrum Amino-Acids. Both ingredients have serious scientific and real world trial credentials in their ability to make whats already there, in your soil, available to your plants at a much more efficient and rapid rate. Providing perfect conditions for optimal nutrient assimilation.


  • Water is a precious resource, so making the most of each drop is paramount. The botanically derived, organic saponin blend included in this formula, quickly and easily changes the surface tension of your water, allowing it to soak into soil much better, and stick to leaf surfaces with much greater efficiently. This helps to eliminate dry soil pockets, and ensures adequate "leaf sticking" when used as a foliar, with some direct, yet mild IPM qualities. 

GREEN-SUPREME plant vitality tonic is a multifaceted formulation made from a carefully developed blend of ultra-premium organic ingredients, in an instantized, super concentrated form, designed specifically to put a pep in your plants step!


The goal with GREEN-SUPREME was to create a product akin to a multivitamin, and health supplement, specifically for your most prized plants that would enhance many different functions simultaneously. 


GREEN-SUPREME is a powerful growth elicitor, plant immunity booster, nutrient chelator and watering enhancer. It can be applied by root drench, foliar and even has the capability to boost the germination of seeds.  

Developed in conjunction with local growers, and field tested under an exhaustive array of conditions. Test growers have reported rapid increases in both vertical and lateral growth, large, "jurassic" like leaves, sick plants "comin back from the dead" with stark increases in vigor & yield, coupled with a seeming bulletproof immunity to common garden pests like mites and thrips.

"Colorless green ideas sleep furiously"


Noam Chomsky