GRO-DIRT lite was developed alongside our GRO-DIRT Premium Living Soil as a blend for growers who prefer to utilise direct applications of organic fertilisers to steer their crops, as well as for plants that require less total fertiliser, such as in early vegative growth.


Featuring a completely revamped soil structure that is physically lighter, and able to be pushed harder by liquid fertilisers and teas, than our standard GRO-DIRT, while maintaining optimal CEC and drainage over the crop cycle.


GRO-DIRT lite makes a perfect starter soil for rooted clones and seedlings, great results can be achieved by starting with GRO-DIRT lite then graduating to full strength 

GRO-DIRT in the bloom cycle.




GRO-DIRT lite contains enough nutrients to feed fast growing plants for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. You can start to use top dressings, liquid feeds or tea's to feed the plants at any point, but they will be required more when going through the bloom cycle to achieve optimal yields.


The compost used in this soil blend is derived from Organic Grass fed cows, we compost this for more than a year with the addition of Bio-Dynamic inputs (Yarrow, Chamomile, Nettle, Oak Bark, Valerian) and home grown Comfrey - grown in 


It is my closest approximation to the "Malibu" compost I experienced in the US but darker and has a richer finish, that builds a very nice soil base.

It has a gentle nutrient content, yet is very rich in microbes.


The nutrient and mineral content is a carefully curated selection of the highest quality premium organic inputs Australia has to offer, this, along with our special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma and Soil Probiotics, ensure the nutrients contained in the soil are available to your plants, right out of the bag, in addition to promoting overall plant health and resilience.






GRO-DIRT ensures a more stable rhizosphere which results in better crops on a more consistent basis, over a wider range of conditions.



"What comes from the dirt, doesn't hurt!"