GRO-DIRT super starter was developed alongside our GRO-DIRT Premium Living Soil as a unique blend, designed to offer an optimal, organic way of raising prized seeds and healthy clones.


This soil is designed to provide key benefits that nurture seedlings and cuttings into strong, healthy and robust plants without the addition of any fertilisers - only water (and in the case of clones a root promoting product).


GRO-DIRT super starter features a unique nutrient profile that provides everything a young plant would want, it has a specifically tailored drainage and moisture holding profile with high insulative capacity to ensure roots are kept at a more stable temperature. We went to great lengths testing this formula with a range of popular heating solutions, including popular brands of heat cables and propagation mats, to make sure it has the ability to transfer warmth evenly throughout the soil minimising "hot spots".





 GRO-DIRT super starter gets your plants off to a great start. Containing a specifically selected lineup of premium organic ingredients. The nutrition profile of this blend is gentle, yet fully complete. It focuses on both strong early vegative growth, priming the plants for the next phase of life (such as our GRO-DIRT, GRO-DIRT lite and GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT), as well as promoting strong root growth to give the plants an ideal foundation. 

We have included two sources of powerful rock minerals in the form of locally sourced High Paramagnetic Basalt which we micronised down to a fine, flour like consistency, and Azomite all the way from Utah! This provides a robust backbone to the soil, providing everything young plants could desire.



For the compost portion of this blend we utilised our Bio-Dynamic Bovine Compost,  containing a diverse array of beneficial microbes yet having a gentle nutrient profile, it performed very well in the test trials, this is backed up by our VermI-PowR vermicast, adding additional microbial and nutrient density. 

We add this to a carefully prepared base of Premium sifted peat, fine Premium Coco-Coir, fine Perlite, Volcanic Ore, Fine Activated Bio-Char, Diatomite and small amounts of Vermiculite.


The result drains sharply, even in small containers, plant tubes and seedling flats, but holds enough moisture to offer lower maintenance over that of Rockwool or Peat plugs, and the not requiring anything other than good ole H2O!


Finally the soil is carefully inoculated with a selected suite of Root growth promoting, Nitrogen fixing, Phosphorous solubulizing and overall plant health promoting microbes, so as soon as your plants root touches the medium, it can access this thriving network.

The trouble with tissue paper germinating.....


Plants in their earliest phase of life are at a cruicial point, it takes a huge amount of the plants stored energy to crack the seed coat, push the root out and begin to grow.

Two key problems with germinating plants in tissues, cotton buds, etc, is during these first moments of life, the plants roots are searching for a home, but all they find is paper. wasting these valuable resources.

This doesn't promote a large and immediate branching of fine root hairs and makes it very easy to damage the valuable tap root when these seeds are then picked up, and planted.

In Auto flowering plants this is of crucial importance! as any set back to them will result in stunted plants.


A second real issue is that a plant between two pieces of paper is much, much more exposed to the outside environment than one that is insulated by soil. Temperature swings and the possibility of total dehydration are very common. Think of it like a nice, thick blanket, rather than a thin sheet, one is going to be a lot more comfortable!


By planting directly into soil, especially a specific Seedling blend, as soon as the seed coat cracks and the root emerges, it has access to premium nutrition, living plant promoting microbes and is in a more ideal environment to power forward, than having to be manhandled in its earliest stage of life.


Switch out the Paper Towels and Tissues and go OLD SKOOL! Plant straight in the soil with this blend, your plants will thank you for it! 

"What comes from the dirt, doesn't hurt!"