Current High Powered Organics official GRO-GUIDE's

Looking at getting started - or trying to maximise the use of our products?


Below are some recommendations based on average users - under average circumstances and are designed as a guide rather than something set in stone. Its far beyond the scope of any guide to factor in your gardens individual quirks and thus we encourage experimentation with our products to find what works best for you.


These guides are not meant to be the only way you can grow with our products - and we think that the beauty of organics is that there is no one size fits all solution. Remember with organics doing it "wrong" is hard! and if you stumble across something hit us up! we are always trying to pass on the best tips to growers and you might have stumbled across something super unique that could benefit everyone!

GRO-DIRT example chart
GRO-DIRT full spectrum blend grow guide.
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ISLAND-BLEND example chart
ISLAND-BLEND feed chart - solubles only
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GRO-DIRT Lite example chart
GRO-DIRT Lite Feed Chart.pdf
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Super Starter - Kick Starter program
GRO-DIRT super starter kick-start progra
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  • What is meant by the A/B/C/D in the guides? This is your separate feeds based on 1 to 4 waterings per week. So you would apply A then the next watering would be mix B and so forth.
  • What is the b.v. in the guides? This is a recommendation on how much water - by volume - to apply to the soil/media. So for instance 40L pot @ 10% watering =  4L 
  • Do I need to use everything in the guide? No, particularly in the Water Only soils, if you are using a large enough pot, then you can get great performance with water only. The guides lay out how the whole range pieces together, but you can strip it down to fewer components based on budget/need. The full range does provide further benefits in growth, yield, quality, vitality and plant immunity over using only water however, offering a solid R.O.I.
  • I can't see a silica specific product in the guide, do I need to use something? There are a bunch of great silica products out on the market now, and many of them are indeed soil/organics safe (although we recommend doing some research first before applying to your soil). We don't have a specific Silica product in our range of boosters because our soils, and additives contribute considerable available silica via multiple pathways. GREEN-SUPREME contains a micronised microsilicate which, while not being an acid form Silica like Monosilicic acid, is very bioavailable. RHIZO-MOJO also has species of bacteria capable of mining silica from insoluble sources, converting them to bioavailable sources at a local level, and our soils themselves contain elements like Diatomaceous earth and Pumice that also contribute silica. We haven't personally seen additional benefit by adding more silica when using this combo, particularly when GREEN-SUPREME is used semi regularly as a foliar spray.
  • I don't see any dry amendments like HERB-SUPERB or STONE-AGE in the ISLAND-BLEND guide, can I use them with that media? When we were testing out the ISLAND-BLEND, we found that a combination of soluble nutrients like the AQUA-MARINE & OCEAN-POTION, combined with regular use of the Microbial products, produced the most favorable results and strongest performance so we based our feed chart around this. You certainly can however, utilise the HERB-SUPERB, STONE-AGE premixed amendment packs - or some of our individual Dry amendments to fertilise your ISLAND-BLEND. We recommend mainly focusing on the HERB-SUPERB and only sparingly apply STONE-AGE as compared to when using GRO-DIRT Lite (this is due to Peat and Coco having different properties in regard to Ph level and Coco does not benefit from as much reactive calcium as Peat).