GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT heavy duty formula was developed alongside our GRO-DIRT Premium Living Soil as a blend for growers who have gardens in harsh climates, and in positions that can't be checked as often. 


This soil is designed to hold moisture for longer periods of time during drought conditions, yet still drain freely when the rains come, making it perfect for the tough Australian bush.

This has been achieved through a careful selection of base and drainage materials, as well as our in-house customised compost blend ShrooM-PowR.


GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT is a premium, battle-ready living soil, complete and ready to rock!



 GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT nourishes your garden from start to finish, providing your plants with optimal nutrition, heavy yields and terrific quality even under harsh conditions.


The ShrooM-PowR probiotic mushroom compost used in this soil blend is a sourced from local Mushroom farms who use no chemicals in the production of their crops.

We then inoculate it with our special blend of Effective Microbes (bokashi + selected bacterial strains) and allow it to break down for up to a year.

This yields a rich, dark, humus and nutrient rich final product that has a unique sponge like texture.


The nutrient and mineral content is a carefully curated selection of the highest quality premium organic inputs Australia has to offer, this, along with our special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma and Soil Probiotics as well as slow release Humic/Fulvic carbon compounds, ensure the nutrients contained in our soils are available to your plants, right out of the bag, in addition to promoting overall plant health and resilience over the life of the crop.





GRO-DIRT ensures a more stable rhizosphere which results in better crops on a more consistent basis, over a wider range of conditions.


Our soils are reusable with people being able to use them for many crops if taken care of and reamended appropriately, rather than being a media you simply throw away at the end of the crop.



"What comes from the dirt, doesn't hurt!"