HERB-SUPERB organic plant superfood is a natural plant nutrient based on the same locally sourced, premium organic ingredients that we use in the production of our 

GRO-DIRT 100% premium organic living soils.


HERB-SUPERB comes in 3 distinct formulations SUPERGRASS, BALANCE & MEGA YIELD, all tailored to different stages of the plants life cycle, for optimal outcomes.

It is the Organic "yin" to our STONE-AGE mineral composite's "yang". Combining the two produces unparalleled nutrition for your plants, capable of jaw dropping results.


HERB-SUPERB provides a suite of natural compounds, including enzymes, natural plant hormones and cytokinins, as well as different forms of chitin to provide benefits for your garden "from the ground up" such as improved growth, flower set and pest resistance. 


HERB-SUPERB contains a diverse array of premium NPK sources, combined with a custom Humic and Fulvic acid complex, to ensure maximal nutrient uptake without the use of chelating compounds like EDTA. The ingredients in HERB-SUPERB have been carefully selected to work with your soil biology, rather than against it, feeding the microbes that in turn feed your plants! This promotes a thriving rhizosphere, teeming with life.


SUPERGRASS is a higher Nitrogen and Potassium formula. It provides rapid, strong growth and is perfectly suited to plants undergoing periods of intense leaf and stem growth such as those in the vegetative state, from established seedlings and clones, through to motherplants. 

BALANCE is a general purpose formula, which can be used from start to finish, or when used in conjunction with SUPERGRASS & MEGA YIELD is best suited to use from the late vegetative stage, through till the mid flowering period.


It promotes and excellent framework for your plants, provides strong growth and fantastic quality flowers.

MEGA YIELD is a bud building formulation, high in natural Potassium and Phosphorous, designed as a finishing stage for your garden.

It provides increased flower size, density and improved resin accumulation.


Best suited to use from mid flower through till the last fortnight before harvest.

"Ites, Green and Gold - Its the rainbow!"

Burning Spear