ISLAND-BLEND precharged - supercoco is a hybrid organic grow media designed to bridge the gap between cocoponic growing and full blown soil grows by offering a tailor built, fully organic, ultra-premium solution, purposefully designed to be flexible and easy enough for beginner growers to use, but that delivers high level performance for even the most seasoned of grower.


The original vision for ISLAND-BLEND was to try and create a media that is able to be pushed harder than our peat-based GRO-DIRT range of premium living-supersoils. Higher ability to fertilise & irrigate, use in smaller overall finishing pot volumes, cross-compatability with various bottled ranges on the market & premium quality output were all objectives of this project.

What came out of the various trials is an absolute beast of a blend. If soil is a living creature you look after - and it grows you a plant, ISLAND-BLEND is a machine where you can put input in, and reap harvests out.


2 years solid work and research was put into the development of this mix, along with testing for compatability across a broad range of products available on the market - and of course our own H.P.O range of premium organic inputs. 

After several incarnations the resulting final blend is definitely a High Powered Organics looking product - but is a totally different animal to our GRO-DIRT soils, and offers a unique performance not like anything else on the market.








Existing on its own little island in a sea of basic-batch coco, we designed ISLAND-BLEND to make the choice and steps toward organic growing even easier.

This blend is perfect for your first grow if you are a bit unsure about soil - or if you're a seasoned gardener blowing out spots, it suits you too!

Offering a super easy way for the modern cash cropper to grow dank - organic - flowers.


ISLAND-BLEND precharged supercoco gets the latter part of its name from the fact its been front loaded with enough nutrition to offer upfront, and background organic food, similar in strength to our GRO-DIRT Lite soil, but is able to be stacked on top with a lot of liquid applications of fertiliser to further augment and boost results.


The initial precharge contains enough organic nutrients to feed fast growing plants for approximately 4 weeks by itself with no assistance if need be. You can choose to supplement its content through various different additions for boosted level performance. 

Because at its core ISLAND-BLEND has a full suite of trace minerals, and all the major Macro nutrients on deck, the amount of supplementation that must be performed is markedly lower than a standard Coco or Coco blend. This means much less to worry about with regard to optimising nutrition throughout the crop cycle, and saves up to 50% on fertiliser inputs compared to the same line ran in a standard Coco.



No expense has been spared in the selection of premium organic amendments trialled and chosen for this mix, containing a suite of high performance, premium quality ingredients in ratios optimised to work particularly well with our line of additives.


This blend is also naturally buffered for Calcium, Magnesium & Iron without Nitrate based buffering agents like Calcium & Magnesium Nitrate - which are not soil microflora friendly. The added advantage is this buffering lasts long term not being able to be rinsed out through irrigation as easily as Nitrate based buffering.


"No man is an island, entire of itself"

John Donne